Skier Type: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
The Performance Ski Package delivers a bit more zip and zing to your skiing. When you are ready to push down on your edges, these designs will deliver back some g-force fun. We recommend this package if you are an upper-level intermediate skier, or if you are a beginner skier who is looking to advance your skiing. With our performance skis underfoot you will have greater stability, and thus confidences, as you begin to ski more aggressively and faster down the fall line. In this group of skis you can also try some twin tip skis. The other great value in this package is you will be able to find some older demo skis from previous years. Twin tip designs, Powder, mid fats, super carve, ATV, and Park Skis can all be found here in this package. Brands offered Salomon, Line, K2, Moment, Armada, and Lib Tech Skis. Package includes either mens or womens skis and boots, and poles Boots: Salomon Nordica or Comparable