We would like to offer your guests 20% off their rentals and pay you a $10 store credit for offering it to them. In addition to receiving 20% off their rentals, we will also e-mail your guest’s a 10% off coupon code to use on our retail site; www.shorelineoftahoe.com We will create a coupon code for your business and/or for individuals working for your business. As a Travel Agent use coupon code as an incentive for your guests to book through you, or The coupon code can be used as a sales tool to help you rent your properties as well. Shoreline of Tahoe will create your customer account in our system and we will credit your account monthly. We hope you take advantage of this great program. Please fill out the form below to receive additional information regarding commissions, you must be in either in property rentals, a concierge, lodging Service, or a travel agent to qualify to earn commissions. Once approved, we will email you the information needed to start sending referrals. You will be eligible to receive applicable commissions for all completed ski, snowboard and bike rental referrals.