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Featured Demo Ski – K2 LuvSick

K2 Luvsick       The K2 Luv Sick 80Ti is like an extra shot of power with your morning coffee. A slimmed version of the OoolaLuv, this Channel Light Core with women’s-specific Bioflex tech – the perfect...

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Repair Shop Menu of Services

Shoreline will always do our best to get you on the hill as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to bring in all tune ups and repairs for our over night service. If you show up in the morning while we are setting up...

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Cross Country Ski Rental Package

If you are planning to trek on the trails in and around the Tahoe area or just Kahle park; Our Cross country skis will take you there. These are waxless and have no metal edges. Available in sizes for adults and children. The...

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Ski Boot Only Rental

If for whatever reason don’t have your own boots, but you have skis we can outfit you with a comfortable set of ski boots, fit them properly to your skis, and test the equipment. If you are renting boots only, don’t...

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